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Autec Shari Rice Mixer ASM 780A

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• Power Supply: AC120V, 60Hz
• Power Consumption: 500W
• Capacity: Up to 40 cups of Rice
• Exterior Dimensions: 23.5" x 29.3" (Max 35.1") x 38.9" (Max 61.1")
• 59.8cm x 74.3cm (89.2cm) x 98.8cm (Max 155.1cm)
• Weight: Approx 104 lbs (47kg)


• Ideal For Mixing and Cooling Rice: Mixing time and cooling time is fully programmable. The unique spherical bowl and static stirring rods mix the vinegar with the rice thoroughly and evenly. A specially-designed air filter removes vinegar from the exhaust.
• Simple Operation: Place the cooked rice into the bowl, pour in the vinegar, press the start button, and the buzzer will indicate the completion of the process.
• Easy to Disassemble and Clean: Parts such as the lids and the static stirring rods are easily removed for washing. The interior is coated with high quality Teflon which allows for easy cleaning.

Autec Shari Rice Mixer ASM 780A can help to improve your business and make your operation more profitable by reducing labor costs up to 48%.

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