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About our knife brands

Tsukiji Masamoto

Tsukiji Masamoto knives are only available in Japan at the Tsukiji shop and through the company’s official website. And Mutual Trading Company is the exclusive distributor of Tsukiji Masamoto knives outside Japan.

Nenox knives

Nenox is well known for its beautifully designed and well balanced knives, but customers will also experience the comfortable grip and the long lasting sharpness and ductility of the blades.

Takamura knives

They are especially regarded for being one of the first cutlery manufacturers to use High Speed Powdered Steel (HSPS), a blade material that is currently gaining popularity for its superior quality and performance.

Haku knives

Mutual Trading Company has designed Haku and collaborated with Mr. Sawada, the president of Nenohi Cutlery, to offer this brand at a surprisingly reasonable price with its high performance that even professionals will be convinced with.

Aritsugu knives

Each knife from Aritsugu has been handmade by blacksmiths who have passed down their knowledge and skill from generation to generation over a 400 year period.

Kanetsugu knives

Kanetsugu has its roots in katana sword making and continued to forge blades from 1345 through to the Edo Period. Today, Kanetsugu combines the latest technology with their craftsmen’s skills to produce cooking knives.

Sakon / Caddie knives

Sakon, Caddie are made by Hokiyama Cutlery that has developed and improved their core technology "Roll-Forging" and accumulated various processing know-hows since the 1970s.

Ikkaku Donryu knives

Ikkaku Donryu is produced by Shimizu Cutlery based in Seki, which is historically known for quality katana swords. Shimizu Cutlery combines traditional methods with modern technology to create and innovate cutlery suitable for its customers.

Misono knives

Misono's success in the US and Europe is highly due to their ability to create more user friendly Western style knives with the qualities of Japanese style knives.

Global knives

Global knives are made by ice tempering and hardening Cromova 18 stain-resistant steel. They are sold in over 65 countries around the world and have earned a number of prestigious awards as well as a solid reputation.

Shun knives

Shun is Japanese for “at the peak of perfection.” Kai Corporation has continued to provide incredibly sharp and aesthetically designed cutlery to professional cooks for more than 100 years.

Other Knife Brands

Sakai Takayuki - Sakai, located in Osaka prefecture, is the most famous city in Japan for the highest quality cutlery. They are highly trusted by Chefs for their consistency in quality. We have also Kaneshige, Kyocera.